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June 15, 2021

184 & 185 Stopped Pick-Pockets: Amazing Pants That Met The Pope!

Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial came from a review of our Adventure Traveler Pants.

April 08, 2021

182 & 183 Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Stops On Our Italian Train Adventure!

Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial started with a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review of our Business Traveler Pants. We then followed up with Tom to learn more about the story and here is how it happened...

- Here is our follow-up correspondence with Tom -  


It was a first-time trip to Italy for the mrs. and me. I was aware there was a pickpocket problem there, especially since one of my son’s friends almost caught a fellow with his hand in his pocket. Anyway, the Rome Tiburtina station was crowded and we were trying to figure out where to find our train to Naples. We were tired from our flight, not as sharp as we should have been.
I was looking at the board of destinations and got bumped on my right side, though I felt something at my left pocket. When I reached down the zipper was halfway open. I figured he got his fingers in but had no luck. My cash, credit card, and ID were zipped inside the inner pocket of the business pants, no way he was getting to that, and our passports were in an RFID pouch tucked inside a thin book tucked inside the Velcro pocket, no way he was getting to that.
Usually, I never go into the left pocket during the day, but this was the first day and I was not as careful. In my right pocket, I zip in a photo ID, one credit card, some euros; my phone goes in the hidden pocket behind the Velcro. This is normally the only pocket I use for shopping, eating, and drinking. I never put anything in my back pockets.
We quickly figured out the trains and took them back to Rome, then to Venice, Florence, and Pisa. Pisa was very crowded too and I felt there was another attempt there, but whoever it was was completely deterred by the outer pocket.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, any time I go thru an airport, basically any crowded place, I wear your pants. They are the best for peace of mind. Besides security from pickpockets, I love it that I can zip the pockets shut and not worry about anything falling out. I will confess that in Italy, after that first day, I wore them every day for the three weeks we were there, Thank goodness they wash and dry fast and look great.

- Tom M. from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

August 27, 2020

181st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Cutpurse Gets Only One Button In Greece!

Editor's Note: This is your 13th known stopped pick-pocket in Greece.


In 2019 I stopped a pickpocket attempt in Greece in a crowded area, restaurants, etc. He could not get into my rear pocket where my wallet was.  

The pick-pocket had one button cut-off, but there was another button intact plus a zipper. I would have lost money, our ID’s and several credit cards.  

The pants are the only way to travel.

- Frederick S. from Peoria, Arizona

July 16, 2020

180th Stopped Pick-Pocket: The Pick-Pocket Technique of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Editor's Note: This is your second known stopped pick-pocket in Addis Ababa!


On my travels in Ethiopia recently, we used the new light-rail system in Addis Ababa. It is a nice system, but thieves have found that the crowded rail cars and the very crowded stations are perfect for pick-pockets... they keep an active eye for visitors and newcomers.

I was about to reach the Stadium Station of the Green Line when I encountered a very aggressive set of young boys. These are kids who gang up to try and to pick-pocket you. The “system” they use it for one youngster to grab your upper arm so hard you wince with pain and have to turn your body to struggle with his grip. They hope who will lose concentration over your wallet or papers or passport. One grabbed my left arm as I was about to head up the stairs to the Stadium Station, and the other boy went for every pocket I had. They are fast and quick... but they left empty-handed!

My travel pants kept everything totally secure. Once they got nothing, they went running into the field nearby to avoid the police at the station. Yet, never has a single pick-pocket been able to get inside a pocket and get my phone or wallet or passport.

While generations have passed in Ethiopia, its capital city of Addis Ababa has grown, and some kids still have a way of finding the wrong path. Thankfully the triple protection of your travel pants offers security and peace of mind from the thieves.

- Dr. Mark S.

June 25, 2020

179th Stopped Pick-Pocket: They Really Do Work in Jerusalem's Old City!


Editor's Note: This is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Israel!​


I just returned from Jerusalem.​ ​While there I wore your pants exclusively. Last Saturday while walking through the narrow, winding streets of the Old City, I was constantly being bumped around, as it was very crowded. I was wearing your Adventure Travel Pants with my wallet in the left rear pocket, in the inner zippered pocket, followed by the outer zippered pocket, and two-button flap.​ ​When I checked my pockets after I left that area, I discovered that the outer button of the left rear pocket had been unbuttoned. But that’s as far as the thief got.

I can speak to the well-designed and well-made products from D7 VENTURES LLC. They really do work!​ ​Oh, and no, there was nothing of value in my wallet. My money and credit cards were in my front pocket, protected by two zippers and a button flap!

Ron L​, from ​Murrieta, ​California

May 05, 2020

178th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Last Night Out in Okinawa Saved!

Editor's Note: This is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Japan!


I bought your Travel Adventure Pants and have used them in Thailand, South Korea, India, Philippines, and now Japan where it met its first test and passed with flying colors. On April 3rd, I went out into the American Village in Okinawa to enjoy one last night there and buy supplies for the week. Many places were crowded including the numerous small shops.

As I was on the main tourist street by the Starbucks a group of three professional pick-pocket thieves caused a distraction by dropping a bag of items on the ground while the walking crosswalk light was red and then bumping into me and others while the crowd of unsuspecting tourists helped pick up the items. They successfully unbuttoned my rear left pocket but were unable to unzip my zipper fully holding my cash/credit cards. I never noticed the attempt as my guard was left down being in “safe” Japan until I arrived at a supermarket and found my pocket was tampered with.

Luckily these pants saved the night as if these cards were stolen it would be very difficult to get a timely replacement due to the Covid19 current circumstances. These pants lived up to all the expectations and paid for themselves with both having a peace of mind and knowing I have that added layer of security when I unexpectedly needed it the most.

Thank you,

Rob S. San Diego, CA

April 21, 2020

177th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Theft and Save in Quito, Ecuador

Editor's Note: This is your third known stop in Quito & also the third confirmed stop by a pair of Women's Travel Pants.


I was in Quito, Ecuador in October 2019. I was wearing a pair of your pants with my cash, credit cards and passport tucked securely in the pockets.

Unfortunately, I was wearing a jacket with zipped side pockets. I was riding the TeleferiQo, a mountain cable car. It was crowded but I felt secure.

When we arrived on the other side both of my jacket pockets were unzipped. I never felt a thing! No one even seemed close enough to me to accomplish such a bold act. Luckily, I only lost my RayBan sunglasses, prescription (dang it), and some tourist site tickets.


- Joanie J. from North Carolina

April 21, 2020

176th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hanging Onto Your Wallet In Rome!

Editor's Note: We received this story from a Facebook comment by Edward S. from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This testimonial comes to us from the Eternal City which currently sits at #2 on our Top Cities List. It marks the 28th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome and narrows Paris' lead as the "Unofficial" Pick-Pocket Capital of the World to 5 stops. He wears both our pants and shirts which have served him well over the years. A comment from 6 months ago got him to share his experience wearing Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing. "Look upon them as insurance," he says, describing the value they add to his wardrobe.

March 24, 2020

175th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Lions & Tigers & Pick-Pockets in London, Oh My!

Editor's Note: This testimonial came in via Facebook. It is your third known stop in London & the second confirmed stopped pick-pocket by a pair of our Women's Travel Pants!

March 23, 2020

174th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Marked At Marché aux Puces de Vanves in Paris!

Editor's Note: This is your 33rd stopped pick-pocket in Paris!


While touring Paris a few years ago, we went to visit a famous market in the south of the city, Marché aux Puces de Vanves.

As we were walking through, there was a very tight, crowded area, and shortly thereafter I noticed that my back button was undone. Of course, they didn't get past the other button, zipper, or any further than that.

Now I'm back getting some new pants as they have "unfortunately" shrunk in the closet over the last years ago!

- John W. from Ontario, Canada

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